About Our Products

We believe that TecNic lighting choices are the best quality lights made anywhere in the world, and carry the best warranty - LIFETIME! Most are very competitively priced while a few are so amazing and unique there can be no comparison!

We carry, in-stock, the broadest variety of TecNiqInc lights available. And, we can special order any of the less-frequently ordered colors or lights you may need. Our normal delivery time is 2-3 days to your door. Some areas of the US most remote from us here in Texas may be a day or two longer. Please add 5-7 days additional for special orders. Our standard shipping is Priority Express by the United States Postal Service. Let us know if you have a shipper account you would prefer us to use. We offer free shipping in the continental US on orders over $50, and on special orders over $100.

There are three parts to the TecNiq quality spectrum: First, all TecNiq LED's (light emitting diodes) are of the latest generation and highest quality available. Each has an expectation of lasting for at least 50,000 hours, with no change in color or brightness. This will save you money in reduced maintenance costs. Second, the amazing optics of the lenses over the LEDs far surpass any other manufacturer. Each light is designed to focus or distribute the light in the most efficient way possible to create the brightest and most efficient lighting fixture possible for each application. And third, the casement bodies of the lights use a proprietary "potting" or poured seal over the diodes and circuits, making for excellent damage protection, heat absorption and distribution, and waterproofing (see mfr rating details) for most lights and applications. Excellent for outdoor and marine applications as well as interiors of boats, RV's, trucks, trailers, homes, under-vehicle and wheel wells, under dashboards to illuminate automotive flooring, tool boxes, product shelving, bathroom area lighting for rooms, nooks, showers, etc., kitchen under cabinets and inside cabinets, live wells, basements, restaurant and other display lighting, refrigerated room (walk-in coolers) lighting, wet areas and dry.

Safety lighting for mobile applications is the bedrock foundation of the TecNiq line of lights. From simple turn signals and license plate lights, to emergency flashers and area lighting for Fire and EMS vehicles, a fantastic array of options have been created for meeting your needs.

Marine lighting for boats, above the water-line and below, offer an amazing set of alternatives for shipping applications, yachts, sailboats, fishermen and docking applications. Lighting exterior walkways, boat ramps and docks create beautiful and economical installations.

Vehicle and standard home interiors are greatly enhanced by these low-voltage and long-lasting lighting alternatives. Kitchens and galleys no longer have dark corners, and can become suitable for magazine photography. If your RV still has halogen lights, switch to LED's and your lights will be brighter with better distribution (more even lighting) while battery life will increase substantially. Plus, with the reduced heat being generated by your LEDs compared to halogen, your AC will use less energy. 

And for those introducing solar energy production in your home or mobile applications, these lights all use 12V DC power in very low amounts. Your wiring costs will be reduced because most 12V DC applications can be wired with 16ga -18ga wire for normal lighting circuits (consult your local electrician for details).

We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers. If you have any questions or comments please use our reply forms.