About Us

MWA Products

MWA Products (MWAP) was formed in 2012 by Mark Wieland in Austin, Texas. Mr. Wieland has been a marketing and product development consultant since 1981 in Austin, working for a variety of for-profit, non-profit and government organizations. He says, “LED lighting fits perfectly into my enthusiastic support of resource conservation. They are the lighting wave of the future. They use less energy, last much longer than any other current lighting source, and provide a fantastic variety of types and colors of lighting for a vast array of uses. We are dedicated to providing only the finest quality to our customers.”

The current team assembled by Mr. Wieland for the services and products provided by MWAP is impressive. Chuck Stull is sales manager for the organization and has been a sales/engineering professional since 1979. His talents include electrical engineering (controls specialist) & mathematics. John Harris is our field applications engineer.  He is an electronics industry professional consultant with 20+ years specializing in developing, compiling and assembling components for the new product lines of several large OEM’s.  If you need assistance integrating any of the products seen on our site into your product assembly, or want to explore your ideas for new products, contact John at info[at]mwaproducts.com for technical support. Robert Eilers is the warehouse and fulfillment manager. Robert has 25 years in the automotive industry. His organizational skills assure that you will receive your order correctly and quickly. Robert can be contacted at info[at]mwaproducts.com. Jeanne Powell is an administrative professional with nearly 30 years of executive assistant experience in large corporate & government environments.